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Our core principles

In an ever changing world, where everything progresses towards interconnection, we want to introduce small and medium size businesses to the digital world. We see ourselves as a digital platform for online marketing based on 4 principles:

100% Trust

We want to assure our partners that their products will reach their customers

Market Awareness

We want to adapt to the fast changing pace of the market, in order to adapt the needs of our partners


We use the latest mobile technologies in order to optimize information regarding the local physical market environments of our partners


We make use of the latest cloud technologies to support our partners in the digital market outside physical stores

Our portfolio

As a team with members from different disciplines and nationalities, we work towards covering a wide range of skills in a single holistic approach.

International Mindset

Anchored in the port city of Hamburg, Germany, we live up to the openness of the city with our international team.

the digital market

We offer a wide knowledge base of market trends and online marketing strategies, with taylored strategies for every case.

full stack expertise

Expertise in the development of complex mobile distributed systems (Android, iOS, Cross-platform). Either as own products or white labels to meet the requirements.


We offer an own marketing platform to interact with consumers and other companies as well. Merging B2B and B2C is the core of it.

deals and couponing

A system for issuing/managing deals and coupons is integrated among our products, thus encouraging and supporting small businesses to expand their markets.

conversion speed

With our blend of interdisciplinary expertise we strive to achieve an effective conversion rate for your online marketing efforts.

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